Arizona million dollar homes

Not only John McCain has at least 10 properties that can not remember, but also owns a parking lot in Phoenix, Arizona, a value of $ 1. 4 and $ 2. 4 million. That's over $ 1 million more than the average American household. No wonder McCain has said time and again that the "fundamentals are strong." He is living in the land of plenty, and have no idea how terrible our economy has become President Bush. According to the U. Census S., 37. 3 million people living in poverty in 2007. 45. 7 million (15. 3 percent of the population) have no health insurance, a staggering figure that has increased by 6 million since Bush took office in 2001. Yet the Bush praises McCain economy and proposes its own policies that plunge our country further into debt. AFL-CIO, John Sweeney, said that when it comes to the economy, "I think John McCain is wrong. He does not even know how many houses have …. We have seen the position McCain as a continuation of the Bush Administration. It is the policy of President Bush that got us into the mess we have now. And not just a crisis in the short term, long term and must be addressed. Workers are having a difficult time. Wage inequality there out there is amazing, and the health care and retirement security are threatened. These are some of the reasons why we will not support John McCain. "When we launched McCain's Mansions, McCain is acknowledging that out of touch with hard working Americans. That's why it spread around and have the media to take notice and question McCain on this issue. It exposes the elitist McCain really is, and our ailing economy became a number one for Democrats. Now is your chance to keep the economy front and center by spreading parking McCain million dollar. Let everyone know that while most Americans are struggling to make mortgage payments and purchasing needs, like health insurance and gas, John McCain has a parking lot worth $ 1 million more than the average household. Check out: It seems as if John also has a parking lot of millions of dollars to go along with 10 houses. It's so funny and absurd that everyone thinks that Barack Obama is an elitist. I was happy to learn … I do agree with him

Update: Sold. The need to sell? See what a perhymeter route following video can do for you. Www. Nextedgevideo. Take the Tour Edge Com Next Video from this luxury House $ 10 million for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a mansion on a staggering scale. You literally feel like you're standing on top of the world. Must see. Spectacular view of the McDowell Mountains, downtown Phoenix and more. . . All in one of the highest places in Silverleaf, one of the most luxurious gated communities in the country. This home gives new meaning to life at the top. One of the very best views you'll find. Amazing pool, wine cellar, home theater, gourmet kitchen. Arizona is better. luxury resort real estate video copyright Video Next and www. Nextedgevideo. Com

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  1. He said $ 5 million, not wanting to raise taxes, period. I was trying to make a point. That's better than Obama thinking $ 75,000 is rich. . . Read on: 10 Things You Need to Know About Senator tax proposals ObamaLea the Book: "Michael Boskin: A LOOK AT THE Obamanomics" Under the tax plans of Obama and his Democrat friends in Congress, American families only is left with … Change in their pockets.In relation 2009, Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress have an idea for a bill. Well, actually, it's a lot of bills to be paid by almost all Americans mostly in the form of higher taxes and higher costs for food products, energy, and if you have a otros.As retirement account, work and shop in a small business, at or near retirement, or even turn on a light switch, then there are some things you should considerar.En under that plan: 1. Small main street businesses would be forced to pay tax rates as high as 62. 3% of the tax proposals of Senator Obama.2. The plan of Senator Obama's tax would tax small businesses at a faster rate than large corporations. 3. Taxes on retirement income and savings could increase by at least 33%, reaching millions of older people when they need these resources to mximo.4. 4 million workers over 50 – those eagerly looking forward to retirement – would be hit with rising bills impuestos.5. Millions of Americans would only keep 38 cents, that most everyone who ganan.6. Senator Obama's plan to reduce the tax on after-tax wages of millions of workers by 17. 7% .7. It will have 227 days a year, almost 8 months, just to pay your tax bill. 8. 110.908 97.065 carpenters, police officers, nurses, 254.992 208.562 Higher education teachers and 237,000 dentists would see tax increases, if the income cap was removed with success.9. 10. 3 million workers is an average of $ 5,650 taken from his paycheck and care programs government.10. You might even be considered "rich." How is that helping people? Find out.

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